Our History


​​​Greetings and salutations I am coming to you as a man that has looked at my actions; I want to apologize for sleeping with many of my sisters : As of last year I asked Sister Solomon to send me nude pictures in which she had. I haven't learned my lessons I have even impregnating many sisters of Ilori Supreme Chapter Order Of The Eastern Star in the Order.Knowing I was a married man: If I hurt you, I do apologize for my boyish actions for men mature slower than women and I am still growing. I took advantage of my position the G.A.O.T.U charged me with.

I have taken monies from you ; taxing you, fining you, upper degree fees, and petition fees and have use for my OWN personal interest. I have turned my back on many of you, I have violated the oath I took to be your keeper. I ask for your forgiveness. 

I have lied to you by not telling you that we are not active, please contact State of Delaware, we have not been active since 2005. I know I should have told you, forgive my deceitful actions. Forgive me for turning some of you against one another. By gathering information and telling it to members, starting he said she said confusion. I have spoke ill of my secretary M.E.R Mills having her doing masonic business she should not be involved in as a sister. By using her to make copies at her YAI job. 1,000's of copies over the course of the years. And I show my gratification by  speaking ill of her and her family . Members please know I'm sorry. My degree as a Sovereign should be taken from me, I have not learned my 1st degree. 

ILL. Quintin Bradley Fisher

Sovereign Grand Commander

You may contact the webmaster 910-918-6978.